Oahu Things To Do – Tour Guide

Hawaii has such an array of activities to pick from. One couldn’t fit all of them into a typical one or two-week vacation. It could be that you don’t want to. Maybe sitting poolside at among the many luxury hotels in Waikiki, and having fun in a bed and breakfast somewhere on the North Shore is simply what the doctor ordered. Basking poolside or even in the warm sand at family beach in Hawaii is very relaxing, and you could not have any urge to do something else.

Nevertheless, if you do choose to venture out, Hawaii’s weather offers a multitude of activities to do and see. Let’s start our virtual adventure with the island of Oahu. In case you head east from Waikiki one of the first popular sites you will see is Diamond Head. Identified as Le’ahi in the Hawaiians, its name means “brow of the tuna”.

It was the early Western sailors that referred to as it “Diamond Head” since it would be as diamonds have been very on the mountainside when they passed by in their ships. You are able to ascend the Diamond Head summit trail for some awesome views. The trail is only under a mile but it is known to be strenuous and steep in places.

Continuing east, the following popular site you will see is Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay is a marine bay formed by a volcanic cone. When you would like to enjoy one day snorkeling close to Hawaiian sea turtles or maybe “honu’, this is the spot. A visit to get a Haunama Bay snorkeling tour is one you want to prepare very well for.

You ought to arrive there early as the parking lot fills by mid morning, and after that no more automobiles will be allowed in. You’ll be expected watching a video before entering to inform you of the parks maintenance requirements. Just north of Hanauma Bay is Koko Head Park. If you are into short strenuous hikes along with the payoff of some of the greatest viewpoints on the island this is it.